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Top 5 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Doing a Car Wash

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Washing a car is a sensitive job. Especially when you are doing it yourself, even

a little bit of mishap can affect its entire reselling value. If you don’t feel like going

to a car wash service, you can use car wash techniques to take care of that

yourself. But you need to make sure that you do it the right way or else, improper

car wash would end up doing more harm than good.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes that people make when getting a car wash

1. Cleaning Your Car In A Random Order

Car Washing order is something that most people don’t even think about, or

they just don’t know anything about it at all. They just randomly start with literally any part of the car and keep going until it is complete.

No matter how thorough you try to be, if you don’t go in the right order, the car wash process just won’t be effective.

The recommended way of going about it is, start off with the wheels. Apply a dust remover on the wheels and make sure that you take all the rust out. Once the wheels are good, move on to the rest of the exterior of the car.

2. Using Just one Type of Bucket of Water

Make sure to have at least 2-3 buckets near you when washing your car. One should contain a soapy mixture made with the recommended chemicals, and the second one for the clean water that you use for rinsing. If you use just one bucket, you’d be putting back in all the dirt that you have taken off from the exterior of your vehicle. It would make your car paint job look dull and unattractive.

3. Using A Towel For Drying Purposes

Sponges that are made to clean dishes and towels, both are big “No” for washing your car. Sponges and towels can cause scratches to the exterior of your vehicle. You should use a material like chamois which comes in soft leather as well as in synthetic form. These materials are used by professional car wash services all around the world. Still, if you can’t get your hands on these specialized fabrics than what you can do instead is, go with a towel that is relatively new and has a soft and smooth texture.

4. Use Non-Recommended Chemicals and Detergents

Don’t use household chemicals like soap and dishwashing products for car wash purposes. These chemicals would end up ruining the entire outlook of your car. Use car wash services recommended products that are made specifically for this purpose. If you don’t know what these products are you can contact a car wash service that is near you for guidance. For example, if you are from Tampa, Florida you can search online for car wash Tampa fl to find the car wash services that are near you.

5. Washing your Car Under Sunlight

Whatever cleaning product that you are using, although it would help clean your car if it stays for long on your car, it would end up merging with the paint and would make it come off much faster.

So, clean it as fast as possible. Which brings us to our point that is, don’t wash your car under sunlight. If you do that, the cleaning agent that you have applied would dry up really quickly and would firmly stick to the paint of your car. So, as much as possible, don’t wash your car under the sun.

For people looking for the best car wash in Tampa Fl, reach out to Mister Quality for the best car wash services. Our staff incorporates the latest tools and technologies needed to do this job in the right way. We’ll help make your car regain its original elegance so that you can drive it around with confidence and a sense of pride.

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